Welcome to our web page!

The Wesleyan Methodist Church (I.M.W.) is a Christian church where you can experiment one love above anything that this world know, the love of Jesus Christ.

We exist with the purpose to make disciples who loves and live like Jesus (Efesius 4:13). We look to live in the Christianity simplicity, based only in the teachings left by the prophets and apostles. written in Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

We are one family, present in many places, in love for families, friendship, and find the purpose of life. We are one family, and this is a place that we call Home. It’s a place where we get help, healing and hope.

In our church we don’t care about your past, but we care with you future; it’s not important how you are right now, but the most importante is what God can make in you.

If you life in Portimão, or other place, be atheist ou Christ follower, you are welcome among us.

We appreciate your visit on our web page and we hope to know you personally in one of our services.


Raquel e Miguel Silva (local pastors)