Social Support

We understand that social support express and seek to fulfill the purposes of God’s kingdom in the society, with the objective to provide conditions for the full realization of the human person in relation to her self, to the next, to the nature and to God.

The Holy Scriptures teaches us the christian social responsibility to protect innocent and needy, mas also exhort that good should be done to everyone, principally to the domestic in faith.

We believe that social support challenges the believers to assume and live they social responsibility, so that they could be models for the society, and an alternative for the world.

We believe that social support it is individual, in the sense of christian responsibility as person; and it is community, in the senso of church responsibility.

We recognize that there is a close relationship between Gospel and Social Responsibility (as social support), because proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior has social implications, because conduct people to repent of they person sins, and also they social sins, and to live one new life of righteouness and peace, in a society who challenges the life values without Christ.

Our church has been supporting people and families who came to this community asking for help. We have distributed cloths, toys and food, and others assents, and others ways, according to the needs of those who seek us, and according to our possibilities and limitations.

The church develop his social service through his social department and the Wesleyan Social Association (AWAS). The objective of AWAS is promote the social well being in his plenitude, promoting actions aimed at the individual. We develop projects in the heath area, clothing, hygiene and clean, habitation, furniture and utensil, music, sport and recreation, family, employability, finances, citizenship and social responsibility.

We work also in collaboration with others social institutions with the propose to give the right answer to each situation.

If you want to schedule a meeting with us, please contact us through the contact formulary.

Note: Every social helps are treated as confidential.